Working a Passionate Life

A Step by Step Guide to Finding Your Passion, Monetizing Your Skill, & Creating the Life you Love.

Do you feel pulled to become an entrepreneur,

but you have no idea what to do or how to do it?

  • Maybe you're not happy at work and you know another 'job' won't fix that
  • You know that there’s more to life than clocking in and out every day but it's scary to leave a safety net
  • You want to create more freedom and live your passion

I've been there

At the end of 2016, after 10 years of developing & leading programs, still run today, for a multi-billion dollar organization within recruiting, people development, and coaching - I left the corporate world for good.

I cashed out my 401k and started a company, which turned into two companies and is now evolving into a third. I am a serial entrepreneur who has a passion for helping others.

The world of entrepreneurship is not easy

They dont teach this in school

We are not taught to believe in ourselves

We learn early on to rely on our good behavior of acting like everyone else and blending in to get to where we want. You’re not supposed to love what you do, you always have a pros and cons list, and you’re never supposed to quit without having another job lined up.

I don’t know when it happens, but there’s a flip in all of our childhoods. We go from 'You Can Be Anything' and 'Believe In Yourself'  to "Are you crazy?? Do you know how many other people are doing that already? You'll never make it."

"you can't do better until you know better"

There IS another way to live your life!

You can do what you love and also get paid for it. You can enjoy working and also living your life. You can feel great about your contributions to the world and look forward to working. There is a way. It all starts with reaffirming your own confidence and abilities. You have a special gift. You were meant to share it with the world.

You can get paid to be yourself

and share your gift with the world

That's why I created this course!

To help you break down your preferences and experiences, to identify a monetizable skill that is missing in your target market, and to help you create a product or service for your ideal client..

I’ll show you how to plan for what you want to do, who you want to help, and how you can attract clients and business friends through creating what’s most authentic to you. 

Get the confidence & support you need

I am here for you.

I will teach you to solve the problems of becoming an entrepreneur and guide you along a method that still works today for me.

You'll learn more about yourself, build your confidence, and grow your network.

Through developing and helping yourself, you will trailblaze a path to helping and supporting others, therefore, even further developing and growing yourself.

Working a Passionate Life

Pre-Course Material


  • We all have a passion, we deserve to live it FREE PREVIEW
  • Program + Course Overview FREE PREVIEW
  • Welcome to Working A Passionate Life - Intro FREE PREVIEW

Identify Your Passion & Monetize Your Skill


  • Identify Your Passion & Monetize Your Skill FREE PREVIEW
  • What is your Passion Driven Skill?
  • How will your skill earn you money?
  • Part 1: Digital Download - Comprehensive Workbook with Exercise Walkthroughs, Journal Prompts & Questions, & Additional Learning Resources

Dream Big, Plan, and Earn


  • Dream Big, Plan for Success, and Earn Money FREE PREVIEW
  • Focus and Micro Focus 3, 6, 9 and 30, 60, 90
  • Build Your Avatar & ID Their Water
  • Part 2: Digital Download - Comprehensive Workbook with Exercise Walkthroughs, Journal Prompts & Questions, & Additional Learning Resources

Seek Guidance, Find a Mentor & Differentiate


  • Analyze your market & Differentiate your Brand FREE PREVIEW
  • Top Market Player Analysis
  • Minimum Viable Product Market Tester
  • Part 3: Digital Download - Comprehensive Workbook with Exercise Walkthroughs, Journal Prompts & Questions, & Additional Learning Resources

Living Your Brand & Creating a Community


  • Live Your Brand, Share Your Journey, & Grow Your Network FREE PREVIEW
  • Where is my market?
  • Grow your B2BC Network
  • Part 4: Digital Download - Comprehensive Workbook with Exercise Walkthroughs, Journal Prompts & Questions, & Additional Learning Resources

What am I getting?

12 Robust Videos

detailed workshop content

$500 value
Including 1 main video for each topic plus 2 bonus videos detailing each exercise referenced!

Facebook group


$150 value
Group coaching at your fingertips! Access to other members of the WAPL community!

digital workbook

over 30 pages of editable learning

$150 value
Grow as you go with an editable journal filled with exercises, journal prompts, exploration questions, and additional resources

You are not alone

Working a Passionate Life has been key to my confidence in pushing my brand to the next level. Ally took the time to really get to the core of what Surprise Box needed and helped me achieve a step by step process to growing my business and my team. I am incredibly grateful to have come across Ally and her insightful passion for small business growth and success.
Heather Kocevar Surprise Box
As a recent college graduate, I was struggling to find direction in my career path. Meeting Ally and taking the WAPL course gave me the clarity I needed to set achievable goals and the confidence I needed to pursue my passions.
Tori Gleeson Ceviche
I’m so excited for WAPL!!!! Ally has helped me grow so much over the past few months and I don’t know where I would be without her. She really gave me a narrowed and tailored focus, which I then used to launch my own start-up. She truly understands the potential everyone has, and has a an amazing vision for where we can be.
Don Rapier Bloop

Meet your coach

Ally Willinski

Ally Willinski

Helping creative innovators achieve success through coaching and connecting

Long before starting presentime coaching, Ally spent over 10 years working for a multibillion dollar transformational IT consulting company. Throughout her time in consulting, Ally both worked in and led a variety of groups ranging from experienced recruiting, campus & MBA recruiting, executive recruiting, delivery operations & staffing, coaching, people managing, and soft skills training. Ally holds a BA in Philosophy, an MBA in Human Resource Management and is a certified DiSC trainer, a 200hr RYT, a certified Yoga Therapist, and is currently pursuing a degree in Medicinal Herbalism (expected 2021).

Ally is a skilled career advisor, professional life coach, and entrepreneur who thoroughly enjoys helping others to be successful and happy too. She has spent the larger portion of her career empowering others to identify their areas of growth and encouraging them to pursue their greatest goals. 

Ally will help you to identify your greatest strengths, roadmap your path to success, and execute against all of your goals. Ally wants to help you succeed in being your best self - whatever that means for you!

What you'll learn

Identify your core passion and how you can cultivate a single monetizable skill

Plan to earn money for your most authentic skills

Develop a real product to help your target market

Build a community around your contribution and your creative self

Share your gifts, build your business community, and make friends along the way

Ultimately, creating a life you love to work and live in

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Why should I enroll?

In order to offer your most meaningful gift to the world and feel truly connected and fulfilled, you MUST take an introspective and nonjudgmental look at yourself in order to cultivate what you want. It’s by design, I believe. Through breaking things down and taking them apart and studying them from a place of education and no judgement, we learn more about ourselves and what’s most important and also connect with our ability to bring it to the world. 

I can teach you to solve the problems for yourself and guide you along a method that truly worked for me. I will help you to re-write your story and to make friends within your network to help bring your dreams to life.

How is it delivered?

Right away, the course is available immediately after signing up for it through our websilte and you have access, with no delay!

Take your time to dive into all of the content, there is an core video with each topic, plus you receive an additional 8 bonus videos (2 per topic), a super comprehensive and detailed workbook with the activities seen in the videos; broken down into parts, with  journal prompts, supported reading, and tons more advice to guide you on your journey. 

You will also be invited to a Facebook group for support from Ally and the community and enjoy a 1:1 session with Ally as part of your participation in the course! You will be prompted with a link to schedule your call with Ally once you sign up!

Let's get started!

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